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What is SEO?

How did you reach this page, did you search for the keyword SEO Egypt? If you did then you know that we know how to rank well in google. SEO is not just about changing your text, google counts each link from external web sites as a vote that your web site is more important than those of your competitors.  Thus the more links for your web site that are on other web sites the better your search engine position will be. We have the best dedicated team of professionals in Egypt that are experts in creating links and in every other aspect of SEO. We are the only company in Egypt that we know of that has dedicated professionals for SEO, other companies do SEO as a side job. Where our competitors can create hundreds of links for your web site, we can create hundreds of thousands. Take a look at a part of the screenshot that show google counting the links to this site, let our competitors dispair ;) The rest of the page is hidden since it could reveal to our competitors some of our advanced techniques.

SEO Egypt


As the leading SEO company in Egypt we do not require you to totally destroy the marketing ability of your web site with rubbish text to get better rankings. We will work with you to create the best plan for your site, one that balances cost, effort and design. We understand that the main reason to do SEO is to get more sales and conversions not just to get more visitors to your web site that may close it after looking at junk text.

The techniques of SEO are changing all the time, and due to the very nature of SEO, most of it is trial and error. We try to rank better in Google but do not have the control. But where things get interesting is that when we try and fail or try and succeed we learn. And the more we try the more we know more than our competitors. Secrets are very important in this line of work, because everything written in books about SEO is already old. Our techniques if known by our competitors will be used against us, remember SEO is not a normal service, it is a competition where many sites are fighting for the first page position. It is not like design where both you and your competitor can have a well designed page, with SEO your competitors are either above your result thus getting more business, or if you are with us, they will be below your result.


SEO wisdom.
Making your web site optimized for Google can make its text terrible for human reading. We understand that and we work harder than other SEO companies in Egypt to produce the perfect balance. The paragraph below is what you could find a competitor of ours doing.

Example of SEO Egypt text that can make you loose customers!

What most companies that do SEO in Egypt do not get, is that  search engine optimization usually needs a lot of sacrifices, that are not acceptable. SEO Egypt ( Search Engine Optimization ) professionals in Egypt will  optimize for search engines to get better SERPS (search engine result pages) by repeating over and over keywords like "SEO" and "Egypt", "SEO Egypt" and "SEO Egypt company".

By changing your marketing text for SEO Egypt to text that is as terrible as this paragraph you risk loosing visitors' interest and respect in order to get better search engine rank, since your pages become repetitive and boring due to the SEO Egypt and search engine optimization efforts. This paragraph is actually a demonstration of how search engine optimization ( SEO Egypt ) as practiced by some Egyptian web design and development companies through a the key word density technique, where target keywords like SEO company in Egypt and search engine optimization services are repeated over and over. Did you realize how repeating keywords like SEO resulted in a paragraph that could make you loose clients.   


Web site design trends of 2016 and beyond

Web design is like fashion it changes a lot, but unlike fashion which is done for the sake of vanity, changes in web design methodologies happen mostly due to changing technology and user behavior which is related to technology.

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