Your web site should manage your sales.

You want to have a new web site?

Do you really want a new web site?

The real reason behind the decision to have a new web site should in most cases be increasing sales. The internet is a great place to create new leads. But what will you do with the leads? How will you manage them?

This is where we at El Motaheda Web are heading. We are now offering companies fully integrated web site and sales managment solutions.

Our solutions enable you to manage your sales more efficiently using low cost web based solutions. Imagine having a record of each and every potential client your sales team has ever contacted, and imaginge that you have the entire history of all communication to these clients.

Our system not only allow you to see reports that show you how effective your sales efforts are, but actually make your sales efforts easier by automating sales email, and integrating your telephone system with the sales process. Sales people do not need to look up telephone numbers and dial them, just click on the name and the telephone automatically dials the clients and opens up a notes screen to write notes about this call.

But what we are excited about the most in our new line of solutions is that your website is integrated into your new sales management system. So when your site visitors click on the contact us form in your site, this data is automatically turned into a lead in your sales management system, and thus your sales team will automatically get the lead and start working on it.

The main benefits of our Web based solutions for sales management are:

  1. Increase sales by being able to resell to old clients and old leads better.
  2. Fully integrated into your web site's forms.
  3. Web based, you can access your sales system from any computer with a browser.
  4. Customizable, you have add custom information fields that are specific to your industry.
  5. Manage sales emails, send and recieve and classify emails directly from the sales managment system.
  6. Manage your sales phone calls, the system can be integrated into your PBX or call center.
  7. Get reports about sales effectiveness.
  8. Get the full history of any client or lead.


So if you are interested please go to the contact us form and fill in your details. Our sales rep will later show you how these details get automatically entered into the sales management system.



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