Why advertising agencies should not create your next web site.

It is really a sad truth that many of the largest companies here in Egypt design their web sites with the same companies that create their print and TV ads. First of all, I have nothing against advertising agencies but I really get angry when I see a large company that has a very weak web site. And usually such web sites are created by agencies that are not technology companies at the core.

I do not want to waste your time so let me give you the facts fast.

  1. Specialization pays, advertising agencies are not specialized in the Web. They do not have the latest technology.

  2. Advertising agencies rarely understand important things like SEO (search engine optimization).

  3. Advertising agencies rarely have their own dedicated servers and usually rely on much cheaper shared hosting. This will make your site slower, your visitors will not get a good experience and this may reduce the effectiveness of your web site.

  4. Advertising agencies will not be able to even think of technologies that you do not know you need like CRM or mailing list management. These tools could increase your sales.


I could go on and on, really all you need to know is reason 1 above. We are a company that specializes in Internet technologies that either increase sales or improve the operation of your company. We help you to use your web site as a central location to unify all these new tools.

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