What happens to Clients that move to our servers?

www.thedailynewsegypt.com had a problem, their web site which they had paid a lot for with another company had serious problems. Nearly every day the site would be offline for hours, and even when it was online it was slow.

We offered them our site managment and hosting services and they moved to us.

The graph you see shows the speed of page loads before and after we moved their site to our hosting servers. The exact time of the move shows on the graph on where the page load time dropped from nearly 2 seconds to nearly half a second. What you see are breaks on the graph is when their old server was down. As you can see right after the move, when the page load time gets better there is no breakage of the graph, our servers have not gone down yet?


As you see we not only have better servers that can hadle the kind of traffic that a large site like www.thedailynewsegypt.com gets but also we monitor and graph performance of the sites we manage. We respond in a timely manner to any problem in the server. And we have backups of our client's servers and sites, not on the same server as most companies do, but on different servers in a different datacenter.

Over all our offerings are not more expensive than others in the market but they are much better, faster and more reliable.

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