New Service: Iphone,ipad and android phones video streaming videos.

If you follow my blog you will know that at El Motaheda Web we love new technology. We love to offer it to our clients. Since the Ipad and Iphone do not support flash, normal flash videos will not show on your site if the visitor is using an Ipad or Iphone. We now have a very good solution for that.

We have developed and tested a system whereby normal browsers will see the normal flash video and visitors users using and Iphone, ipad or android phones and tablets will be given a non flash version of the same video in the same place transperantly.

To do this we have to do all the work twice, but it is worth it if you value your content and visitors. To see an example of this just visit our front page, the video on the front page will be displayed correctly even if you use an Ipad or Iphone.


Even if you do not need such a service now, choosing us for your web site design and development project means that you will have a professional team working on your website that are on the cutting edge of technology.

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