Microwave Addiction in business.

In our generation people are addicted to quick solutions. The microwave is a prime example once you use it, you get hooked. It heats your food fast.
But even the best microwave can not bake a cake or cook a juicy steak.

Many time our clients want us to be a microwave. And each and every time we pull it through. We have dilivered complete web sites from zero to hero in 48 hours ( at an added cost ) to clients. You can even go to the testimonials page in our site and see for your selves. But this is not the way we like to do our web sites.

We like to give it time, to grill you a prime rib juicy steak not heat you up a left over burgers. And in order to do that we need time.

We need time to know your business, our designers spend time seeing your competition online to understand your industry. A good design needs time to age like a good cheese. A good design that is based on the understanding of the need of your business and of the hopes and aspirations that your potential clients have will in the end bring better results.

When you rush you loose oppertunities. When we have time, we can offer you solutions that will help you gain more business or more efficiently run your existing business through better technology. We have helped many companies streamline their sales cycle through web technologies and integrated that into their web site and their social networks. That can not be done in 48 hours.

Just remember that if you have the time come and give us a call we will help you in the best possible way to make the Internet add value to your business.

And if you do not have the time, come and give us a call, we can do web sites really quick.

Either way call us.

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