Measuring Google.

As an agency that handles a lot of client sites keeping track of the position of our clients site in search engines is not an easy task that is why we automate it. Since I personally use Linux as my desktop and encourage my staff operating system instead of Microsoft Windows, I needed a system that could automate the checks of the search engine ranking that would work on both Windows and Linux. Thus I searched and found advanced web ranking at This software also works on Apple Macs if you are into them. So I downloaded the trial software to test it for our usage and to see how well its reports will fit our clients and to finally review it here.


Our usage is not light, so we needed a package that should handle hundreds of keywords for multiple sites. At first this may seem to the causal observer to be simple but think of it this way, the Advanced Web Ranking ( AWR ), needs to query each search engine nearly twenty times for each keyword to see if it is in the search results and calculate its position. That means that for one engine alone it needs to get around 1000 search pages in our usage to get the web site ranking. The problem is that typically search engines will not allow you to do too many searches too fast. And thus AWR has a very intelligent system of putting pauses between it pulling pages from a search engine emulating the way that a human searches thus it does not get banned like software that tries to get all the pages immediately after each other. Also AWR allows you to get a list of proxy servers and it will use these proxies in parallel, thus speeding its process without the search engines banning it, since with proxies it would seam that the searches being done are being done by different people in different places.


The nice thing is that you can schedule this to run when you are not using your computer, at work we schedule all such reports to be generated at night. AWR will also automatically email you the reports it does or FTP it to your hosted server.


The built in reports are comprehensive and detailed. They give you both summaries for a quick look or details. You can track how your rankings have changed in time. If you do not like the built in reports you can customize the reports. This feature allows you to pinpoint the information you are more interested in and save it as a report that is treated by the system like its built in reports, ie customized reports can be emailed, viewed locally or every uploaded to your server via FTP too.

Sample report screen shot


The really nice Feature in AWR Enterprise is triggers. With triggers you can generate reports only when a certain condition is met, like when you keywords get into the first page results. This allows you to get information when certain milestones are met and is in reality a real time saver for busy individuals or those with many sites. You can also fine tune your keywords with the keyword research tool.


Overall I am really impressed with AWR, we are happy with it.

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