How the Apple Ipad will change web design.

Apple is famous for creating amazing products. Many of the things we take for granted in computing where either created by Apple or made popular by Apple. But this year Apple will change the way we do web design and here is how and why.

The concept of a tablet is not new, and not invented by Apple. Microsoft has been trying to popularize tablet computing on Windows based PCs for years. And there have been many tablet products over the years. People that know me know that I am crazy, about technology. I am so crazy that even on this blog I will not say how many computers I have at home, the number is so high that even I do not want to count them since if I do even I will call my self crazy. And what I am crazy about the most is tablet. I just can not resist the idea of touch screen. So tablets are not new to me as a matter of fact, I had a Siemens simpad SL4 years ago, the device was a 8.4 inch touch screen that you had to add a card to get it to work with wifi. The important thing is that the Siemens simpad was made on 2001, and even before it there where many tablets by the likes of IBM. So what makes the Ipad different.

Well simple the Apple sold 3,000,000 ipads in less than 2 months.

Three million.

So how does that affect Web Site design.

Web sites are hard to design, really, I mean designers of print advertising have it easy. They choose a size and they design according to that size then they print it. End of story, the design stays at the same size.

We are not that fortunate. First of all there are many screen resolutions. Secondly there are many screen sizes and thirdly there are many browsers. We need to create designs that work well on a broad range of displays and we need to make sure that it works on different browsers. Our main design for most of our clients is for computer displayed web sites.

The issue here with the Ipad is that there are at least 10 devices coming out this year that are similar to the Ipad. Next year, I think that every major computer manufacturer and every major cell phone manufacturer will have an Ipad like device ready. Since tablets are smaller than computers but larger than mobiles, both industries sees them as a way to grow their market.

To understand how this affects us let me tell you in a few minutes a part of our work. After we design a web site and before we put it online we have to test it. For small corporate sites, we test on the main browsers that work on Windows Internet Explorer and Firefox, for Enterprise sites we test these and Apple Safari, as well as Firefox on Linux. Now when a site does not look right in any of these we need to go and redo part of the design. After that we do the testing all over again. And if it has a new problem, well you get the Idea.

Now things just got more complicated, we need to test sites on the Ipad and on many of the devices that will come later on. The problem with the Ipad is that it does not have Flash which is the defact standard of Internet animation and the best way to deliver video online today.

Now we need to test enterprise sites for the ipad and a few other devices and make sure that there is an alternative to flash in our enterprise sites.

Some will say well this is not important, well if you do not think so, then we offer entry level design packages that we test only for Windows based browsers. But do you really want your web site to look good every where.

Others will say, that we should design sites in such a way that they are good every where, and then we will not need testing, but that is impossible. The way that every device and every browser does things is different, this is a fact of life, it is just like saying all the people on Earth should speak one language, after all it is the most logical thing to do.

The sad part is that although we are not more expensive than many of the other Web design companies in our market, most of the others do not do Web browser testing , in fact many of sales people that sell in these companies do not even know about web browser testing. We are different, and that is why you need to talk to us about your next web site or online project.

Remember, testing takes time and effort and that translates to money. And Apple just made web site design harder, but if you try using a touch tablet be it the Apple Ipad, the dell streak, the Huawei S7 or any of the dozens of tablets that are coming to the market you will be amazed at how natural a web page feels when touched. And that will make you want your web site to look good on a tablet.

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