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WebGUI the Content management system that we use to manage our sites and the sites of our clients, is a very easy to use system that is also very sophisticated and capable. It is an enterprise class system that is able to handle hundreds of thousands of content pages and humdreds of thousands of daily visitors.

Thus its abilities and scalability is beyond simpler CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.
With this level of sophistication comes needs and requirements that simpler systems do not require. Mainly unlike the above simple web site management systems WebGUI does not run on commodity cheap shared hosting that is commonly sold. WebGUI needs its own dedicated server and its own dedicated environment.

The minimum requirement to run WebGUI are as follows.

  • Dedicated or VPS server running CentOS Linux 5.X
  • Minimum 512mb dedicated Ram, recommended 1Gb ram and recommended 2GB ram for more than one site or one medium traffic site.
  • Harddisk space: enough for the OS and 20GB extra for WebGUI and your sites.


Our Servers specifications

Our servers are built for speed. We host in UK which provides excellent speeds to the Middle East, Europe and USA because of its location. Although hosting in the UK is usually more expensive than hosting in the USA our quest for perfection for our clients makes us go for more expensive higher end hosting and hardware.

  • Xeon Dual processor server with 8 cores.
  • 48 Gigabytes of RAM. ( That is 24 times most desktop computers that come with 2 GB of ram )
  • 2 TerraBytes of storage.
  • Server grade Dell or equivalent hard ware.
  • Fully backed up to a backup server in another country for disaster recovery.


Differences between cheap common hosting and hosting with Elmotaheda Web.

  • Your entire solution is from one vendor. If any thing goes wrong you can always count on us to correct it. With other vendors if a web site has a problem, your developer will blame your hosting and your hosting will blame your developer.
  • Disaster recovery. Events in Japan and elsewhere have shown that natural disasters can have a major impact on business. If you our main servers in UK are hit, our backup servers in Germany are ready to work right away.
  • We do not over sell. While other companies selling hosting at 3$ per month need to have thousands of sites on their servers to make a profit. We never put thousands of sites on our servers. All servers run with less than 50% cpu utilization, that is whenever we use up more than 50% of the speed of the server we add another server. This keeps your web sites fast at all times even if you get much more visitors.
  • We update your CMS, we fully manage your hosting, including upgrading your site to the latest version of WebGUI and testing it. This service is never included in cheap shared hosting.

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