Does your company need a facebook fan page?

Let us remember that times have changed. Facebook has been an integral part and one of the main factors in aiding the Egyptian 25th of Junuary Revolution. The power of facebook is undeniable. The same concepts that were used to promote the revolution can be used to promote your brand and business online.

The real question is not wether you should have a facebook fan page, but how much time effort and money you should spend on it.

Coca-cola, Cinnabon, Dell and nearly every major brand has a well designed facebook fan pages some of them have custom applications even. These international brands may spend hundreds of thousands to design and advertise their facebook pages. But what about the smaller and the regional brands? The small businesses?

Well let me start by saying that you can start for free. It only takes minutes to create your own fan page. You can do the effort your self. But if you want the maximum benefit to your business why not let us help you?

We manage the fan pages of important brands like Cinnabon, RubyTuesday and Carvel ( in Egypt ). We not only design the pages we manage every aspect of such pages for our clients. We manage advertising the pages on facebook and on other sites, we track the statistics to see which advertising medium and which keywords or targeting options are getting the best return.

We also monitor the pages for spam and delete it. But more importantly we pass on important customer comments to the right people in your organization. We also help in creating online prizes, contests, and promote consumer engagement with your brand.

It takes a lot of effort and knowhow to get the most from social media, we can be there to help you. Why not contact us to know more?


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